Ken and Becky have
traveled extensively around
the world and to college
campuses in America. They
have written books for
using in your own outreach
to others and books that
tell about their worldwide

Check out the selection of
books to use as witnessing
tools, stories about their
travels, and  Christian
fiction. And every purchase
goes back into the ministry
of missions and evangelism.
Arranging a church or home meeting is a
great way to bless Evangelism Fellowship.
Ken loves the opportunity to meet and
minister to new people. He is happy to
address groups both large and small. God’s
word changes lives! Ken is thrilled to
declare God’s message wherever he is
invited! There are many Christians who
would be very encouraged by this ministry
if they only knew about it. Help us get the
word out. We can send you information on
how to host your own Meet and Greet as
well as promotional and background
materials for your pastor or Bible study

  • Churches
  • Conferences
  • Youth groups
  • Outreach events
  • College Campus events
  • Adult Sunday school classes
  • Home Bible studies
  • Meet and Greet
"I was awed by your
last Newsletter. Oh
my goodness, God is
giving the message
to His servant to