Helping you become more
telling others about Jesus!

Telling a lost world about Jesus
Christ is too big a job to do alone.
We need each other! Evangelism Fellowship is
just what it sounds like: a network of individuals
and churches connected by one common
purpose. Jesus stated it so simply, Therefore go
and make disciples of all nations!

Admittedly, accomplishing that task is a little
more difficult. In fact, I believe the average
believer finds the prospect of “evangelizing”
absolutely overwhelming. According to Dr. Bill
Bright, founder of Campus Crusade For Christ,
only 2% of believers actively share their faith.
That leaves 98% of church members feeling
completely disconnected with carrying out the
great commission.

The most fundamental and
practical answer to church growth
is found in Ephesians 4:11-12:
And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some
prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and
teachers, for the equipping of the saints, for the
work of the ministry, so that the body of Christ
may be built up.
Almost 80% of people are brought to faith
through a friend or loved one, not by a minister.
Therefore, the key is helping the ordinary
believer to discover their ministry. However, if
they are not equipped, they will rarely have the
confidence needed to bring others to faith. That
is why God gave different ministry gifts to the
church, to fan into flame gifts that would
otherwise lie dormant.
Pastor References

"Ken is a good communicator, and
his seminar style was interesting
and interactive. I recommend him
heartily to you as you seek to be
obedient to the Great
~Pastor Mike Milburn
First Baptist Church Burleson

"Ken is committed to helping
churches become more
deliberately evangelical through
his evangelism conferences. His
authentic, down to earth approach
to ministry is refreshing to all who
~Dr. G. Kevin Steger
Founder and President
Light Over Europe Ministries

"Praise God for kingdom warriors
like Ken. That is why having him in
our church to share, encourage
and challenge us is always a
~Pastor Steve Beckwith
Oak Grove Baptist Church

"Ken’s grasp of today’s cultural
realities, and his commitment to
bringing a relevant evangelistic
response to a world crumbling in
spiritual darkness, are an
inspiration. As a pastor for nearly
30 years you learn to recognize
the real deal when it comes to
servants – Ken is one of God’s
choice vessels!"
~Pastor Russell Brownworth
Bethany United Methodist Church

"I have known Ken from the
beginning of his ministry. He is
truly a called Evangelist with a
heart for college students. He is
doing a great work with them."
~Pastor Harold Nichols, Retired
Former pastor, Grace Temple

"Your genuine love for and life in
the Lord Jesus is so evident. Our
people responded so well and
were so hungry to hear God’s
message through you."
~Pastor Larry York
Nolan River Road Baptist Church
One of the great passions of my
heart is working together with local
churches to help equip them to
share their faith.
You with your gift, me with my gift, working
together to awaken ordinary believers to
discover their ministry. Then inspiring them and
equipping them so they can “speak about their
faith in Jesus,” with confidence.
Ken’s Favorite Things

  • Walking with Jesus!!!
  • Praying in the woods
  • Knowing Yahweh
  • Becky’s pleasant,
    delightful, engaging
  • Preaching, preaching,
  • Spring
  • Holding my wife’s
    slender hand
  • Well written books
  • Traveling anywhere
  • Creating a tiny piece of
    paradise in my garden
  • A good worship leader
    on my iPod
  • Reading at breakfast
  • Being outdoors
  • Wearing camo
  • Enchiladas
  • Dallas Stars Hockey
Ken began his ministry in 1981 ministering to local teenagers. This
passion for souls is still at the heart of the ministry today. In January
1984, the ministry became international when Ken moved to
Germany as a missionary. Since then, he has traveled to more than
twenty countries. From tiny isolated villages in developing nations,
to the world’s great cities, he has talked about the person of Jesus
with countless thousands of people. He has spoken extensively as a
pastor, evangelist, and missionary. He has been on secular
television, appeared in the pages of Time magazine, as well as
newspapers around the world. He lives with his wife Rebecca in
North Central Texas.
President and Founder, Ken Dornhecker and wife, Becky