San Antonio
   Hears About Jesus!
We took a team of 12 people from all walks of life and all ages to San Antonio, Texas
so others could
HEAR about Jesus. They came together with various gifts – prayer,
preaching, testimonies, and drama – to make an eternal difference in the lives of
those who were visiting San Antonio this week-end.

The team sprang into action immediately after
arriving late Friday evening by going to San
Antonio’s famous
Riverwalk and passing out
gospel tracts from one end to the other. At the
end of this time, one team member, Rick, had a
particularly meaningful conversation with a man
who wept as he received desperately needed
words from Heaven.

The next morning we executed a Heavenly
invasion of Alamo Plaza, one of the busiest
tourist spots in the nation. The team performed
beautifully; I was so proud of each and every
one of them. Sometimes they prayed, sometimes
they gathered as a crowd to help others stop
and hear, sometimes they passed out tracts,
sometimes they gave their testimony, some
preached, and sometimes they had deep and
one-on-one conversations with lost un-churched people.

Even though there was fewer than normal people on the plaza and it was extremely
humid and hot, the team stayed faithful until the end of the outreach late in the
afternoon. Even under these conditions the results were truly glorious as this small
team spoke with people from many, many states including Iowa, Arkansas, Arizona,
Alabama, Oklahoma, Delaware, as well as from the cities of Atlanta and Chicago.
They also passed out 1300 tracts and touched the world by ministering the gospel to
people from Denmark, Germany, France, England, Vietnam, and west Africa!

I don’t want to overstate the case but if you think about it, only six of the world’s
seven continents are populated—our little team talked to people from four of those
in one week-end! The world truly does come to Alamo Plaza and we told them about

The immediate result was over thirteen hundred people coming into contact with the
everlasting word of God through direct witness and/or gospel literature! The eternal
results will be announced at the marriage supper of the Lamb.

                                                                      Jesus said,
This is what the
                                                                      kingdom of God is like. A man
                                                                      scatters seed on the ground.
                                                                      Night and day, whether he
                                                                      sleeps or gets up, the seed
                                                                      sprouts and grows, though he
                                                                      does not know how. All by itself
                                                                      the soil produces grain—first
                                                                      the stalk, then the head, then
the full kernel in the head.  As soon as the grain is ripe, he puts the sickle to it,
because the harvest has come (Mark 4:26-29).

I know from past experience that miracles happen in peoples’ lives when they HEAR
the words of eternal life!